Chris Seaber: Assembled Paintings and Drawings, Firstsite


Chris Seaber, Assembled paintings and Darwings installation shot, Firstsite 2015


This was the penultimate exhibition that I worked on at FirstsiteEssex Network of Artists’ Studios. Unfortunately I missed a large chunk of the install and exhibition due to family bereavement, but I did buy one of Chris’ works later!

‘I have never felt the need to be loyal to any particular medium but rather endevour to find the right materials and format for the current body of work through constant testing and re-evaluation. I am interested in the creative journey and the examination and necessary fixing of the depiction of a vision or idea as it occurs. The experience between idea and realisation is, to me, an essential part of the creative process. Things occur along the creative journey and as in any journey the travelling is as important as the sought destination.’

Chris Seaber, April 2013

Exhibition runs from Sunday 6th September – Sunday 29th November 2015.