Expanded Studio Project


Image courtesy of The Wild Project, Seminar with The Double Negative, Primary Nottingham


The Expanded Studio Project is an exciting and nationally significant studio exchange programme proposed for 15 Belfast-based artists and 15 Nottingham-based artists, for which we are currently gathering responses from interested practitioners. This is an expression of interest only, with activity envisaged to take place between Spring and Autumn 2018.


Outcomes may include, for example:

  • a series of public-facing events
  • an online collaborative tool
  • a funded visit to one another’s cities
  • an exhibition which tours to each of the two sites in Autumn 2018

Activity is shaped by participants, with support from administrators based in Belfast and Nottingham. Suggestions from participants will take precedence.


What are the benefits for artists in being involved?

  • a fee for participating
  • opportunities to share knowledge, methodologies and ideas
  • potential for unexpected and inventive responses, with the possibility of ongoing working relationships forming
  • work with an intergenerational and culturally diverse mix of established and emerging practitioners who all support a professional practice across a variety of contexts
  • contribute to a wider discourse on artist-led collaborations
  • support the development of new talent
  • strengthen the sector in NI and build links/ networks nationally
  • open up opportunities for new relationships, new ways of working through collaboration and new audiences through the display of work



Primary is an artist-led space in Nottingham, UK, that exists to support creative research and to develop new ways of engaging audiences through offering a range of spaces,
including dedicated artists’ studios.
A pilot programme, between Primary and Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, took place in 2014/ 2015. You can read more about it here on the participating artists’ Tumblr and a review here on the a-n website.


About the expression of interest:

We are offering a one-week window to seek initial expressions of interest. Registering now in a light-touch way does not commit you to being part of the programme but early stage response is important. Registration now does not have an impact on future applications.



Those expressing interest in participating in the programme must be artists practicing professionally (post-education), at any stage of their career, who occupy a studio space in Belfast.

Should there be more expressions of interest than there are places available, an open submission application process will be introduced. The number of places (15) is determined by the number of artists participating from Primary, the originators of this project.


For more information and to provisionally register your interest, please email jane@janemorrow.com by 5pm, Thursday 11 January.