Firstsite Associate Artists and Makers

Associate artists and makers

James Torble and Ilona Sagar, Firstsite Associate Artist residency, January 2015

I recently selected ten very exciting artists and makers for the second year of Associate schemes at Firstsite. They are all from/based in/returning to the East of England, and have graduated no more than 3 years from BA, MA or PhD. You can read more about the scheme, its structure and its outcomes here: but I just wanted to register how extremely excited and privileged I feel to be working with such great people. They are:


Lisa Wilkens
Cinzia Cremona
James Stradner
Amy McKenny
Nastassja Simensky
Nicky Deeley
Lisa Selby
Alida Sayer
Eleanor Fogg
Sophia Simensky

The first year of the Associate Artists programme has sadly finished, but I will continue to keep in touch with, and support, the outgoing artists; some of the best artists (nay, people) I have ever known:

Savinder Bual, Hitchin
Briony Clarke, Grays
Lawrence Epps, Cambridge /
Georgie Grace, Cambridge
Jessica Mendham, Norwich
Ilona Sagar, Colchester
James Torble, Chelmsford