Future/Forward with QSS


I’m thrilled to have been invited to develop the Future/Forward programme with QSS.

Future/Forward is a programme which focuses on how to move forward both gravely and bravely after Covid, how to forge new alliances, and how to future-proof. Future/Forward foregrounds collaboration between artist members – either as pairs or in small groups – as a way to re-enter the studio and practice environment post-Covid. Pairings/groups will either be peer or mentoring duos depending on the approaches and needs of each artist. Participants will respond directly to one another’s work, or conceptualise a totally new outcome.

In early 2022, I will curate two exhibitions of work produced by each artist pairing/group. These works could include collaborative pieces, performances or works in progress, which provide an insight into the early stages of the creative process behind the studio doors.

Established in 1984, QSS provide affordable studios for professional artists in Belfast. QSS artist members deliver a diverse range of public facing activities locally, across the UK and internationally, all supported by their-studio centred practice. Closer to home, QSS artists foster links with the wider community via a range on in-house events; from guided tours and workshops through to exhibitions and open days. More…