James Ravinet exhibition at Firstsite

James Ravinet

James Ravinet, WEB-DRIVER TORSO, Firstsite

I’m hugely proud to have worked with James Ravinet, an artist based in Southend-on-Sea on his first UK solo exhibition, WEB-DRIVER TORSO, which runs from 3 July – 30 August 2015 at Firstsite. The exhibition takes its title from the YouTube account of the same name, which was designed to mimic a user experience of the site. For a large scale presentation in the Firstsite foyer, James employs these videos to introduce ideas of technological transparency and the invisibility of production, labour and design that form a fundamental element of contemporary life. The exhibition is made up of video, other screen-based works and installation. 

James is mid-way through his MA at the RCA on the Moving Image Pathway. He’s a member of TAP (Temporary Arts Project Ltd.) Studios and this will be the second time we have worked together. You can also see the film that he made for the studio network I manage HERE.