Signs of our Time

Image courtesy of Joe Laverty

This has been a lovely project to work on:

PLACE‘s newest project explores the history of traditional signwriting, its historic applications, its recent resurgence and the techniques involved. Young people from the digital generation (aged 18-25) will engage in a series of tours of ‘ghost signs’ around Belfast, meet former practitioners of the art-form, visit collections, undertake workshops and produce examples of hand-painted signage for exhibitions in PLACE and beyond. 
The exhibition (6 December 2018 –  22 March 2019) traces the history of signwriting in Belfast over its venerable history; viewing the medium through a lens of class, community and commerce. Project participants have contributed a range of material gathered and produced over the 12-week programme, including sketches, photographs and examples of handpainted signage. Time-lapse film and audio recordings featuring master signpainters will also chart the development, decline and subsequent resurgence of the medium in recent years.
We recently a website which will act as an archive for ‘ghost signs’ around Belfast, and have also set up Instagram and Twitter accounts for the project. If you spot hand-painted signage, please send them to us (with your details so that we can credit you!) through these platforms and we will share them.
Signs of our Time is supported by The Heritage Lottery Fund.  ​