Artist, curator and writer Moran Been-noon and I have been cooking up a project for a little while, and we’re really proud to be launching it today. Born of a Twitter exchange, in which Moran posted a series of resources for visual art professionals to start embodying diversity in their programmes, and the challenges of finding artists at all stages of their careers from different parts of the island: ‘I wish I had a resource in form of a list of POC women artists based in Ireland/NI’, we continued our conversations via Twitter DMs, and Angelica was born.

Angelica aims to amplify the voices of artists based on the island of Ireland who self-identify as women or minority gender, from underrepresented cultural or ethnic backgrounds. We created this resource with a view to contributing to change. Our hope is that it will grow into an invaluable resource for curators and producers throughout Ireland, helping to nurture a visual art community built on care and accountability.

Angelica is a wildflower; a global nomad of temperate areas – including Ireland – and believed to have originated in Syria. It is a much-mythologised plant; widely understood as an agent which promotes support and deeper meaning, and which eradicates apathy and surface-level perspectives.

We’d like to thank all of the artists, the curators and producers who suggested artists, and our amazing designer Natali.

Visit the website here, and the Instagram here.