Image: Burst, Piñatas, Burst! Terry Fox, Paul McCarthy, Walter Benjamin, Mercedes Sosa and Gertrude Stein, Fabiola Carranza, 2006 

Hospitalfield have now released details of all residents in the 2017 tranche. It’s been great to see and hear more about who I will be joining in March 2017.

They are:

Akiko Kobayashi – Architecture, UK

Conor Baird – Visual Art and Performance, Scotland

Fabiola Carranza – Visual Art and Writing, USA

Kate V Robertson – Sculpture and Installation, UK

Margaret Wiss – Dance, USA

Ralph Pritchard – Moving image, UK

Rebecca Brown – Drawing, UK

Sonia York-Price – Dance and Writing, Australia

Tomo Sone – Dance and Choreography, Israel

Victoria Evans – Visual Art, Scotland

I’m really excited about meeting them all, and looking forward to a period of very productive activity.

More information on each of the selected residents and their practices is available HERE.